GOLD STAR JEWELRY & LOAN CO. WANTED: Rolex Watches, Top $$$ Dollar Paid

The Rolex watch is treasured by many.  But did you know that it’s only one of many luxury watch lines? Yes, and some watches are far more expensive. Yet the Rolex commands more klout and status than any other watch.

As a pawnbroker, we have dealt with Rolex watches for decades.  We can tell you a lot about the Rolex, and we can appraise your Rolex if you have one to pawn or sell.  We buy and sell the gold and stainless steel varieties every week and because we are a pawn shop, we will also give cash loans using the watches as collateral.

Rolex is known as a Swiss watch, but did you know the company was started by the British, and moved from London, England to Geneva? It has been in Switzerland since 1919, where many of the finest watches are made.  A second company, Tudor, makes a sub-brand of Rolex using Swiss ETA movements, versus the in-house movements made by Rolex.

So, are you looking to sell, or pawn, your luxury watch? Want to get Top Dollar? Our  experts can assess the value of your timepiece and give you cash on the spot. Have an old gold watch that you no longer want? Turn it into cash. Pawn it or sell it outright, and you’ll leave with the gift that keeps on giving … CASH.
Our jewelry buyers are on hand right now, and we know how to treat a customer right.
7048 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL. 60626

Come see us first, come see us last,
…but please come see us!



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