Get XXXtra Cash for Valentine’s Gifts

How can you get extra cash to fuel your Valentine’s shopping?  Easy.  Bring us your valuables.  We will give you a pawn loan. <i> It’s a collateral loan based on the value of your items.</i>  We’ll give money on many kinds of items–valuables like gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamonds, gold coins, silver  coins, fine watches, estate jewelry, antiques, musical instruments, computers and electronics.  Anything of value!<br>

<br>When looking for a nice gift for your valentine, you’ll win twice at Gold Star. Not only can you pawn/sell old items for cash–you can then shop  for bargains. We sell jewelry of many kinds–rings, chains, earrings and more. You can also save cash by being a pawn shopper.
<br>Come see us first, or see us last.  But if you don’t come see us, you will never know how much money you missed.

<br>We are located in Chicago, just 1.5 blocks from Touhy Avenue.
<br>7048 N. Clark St.
<br>Chicago, IL 60626


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