Here are two boxes for display of the U.S. Presidential $1 Coins.  Sale includes two display boxes and no coins. Share the fun of coin collecting with a child as you hunt for these popular coins. 

What makes them special?  With the Presidential Dollar series, for the first time in decades, words have been engraved on the edge of a United States coin struck for circulation. Included on the edge is the date and mint mark, plus “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Though made of alloy, they are have a golden color.  The coins have been minted from 2007 to the present date, bearing the a single letter to indicate where they were struck: P (Philadelphia), D (Denver) and S (San Francisco). Having face value, they are still in circulation, so you can probably find specimens when shopping or getting change from the bank. There are differences in how they were made during various years, a reward to the collector with a sharp eye.  Many oddities–“error coins”–were struck which have more value than others. For example, some of the George Washington and John Adams coins from 2007 miss the words around the edge. Others have double lettering. Error coins vanish from circulation, so this is a hot time to hunt the Presidential Dollars.
You can purchase the two-box package for $60.00.
Again, the sale includes two display boxes and no coins.  It’s a rare chance to begin a fun hobby.  Why wait?

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