Gemeinhardt Flute, Solid Silver, Gold Lip Plate w/ Hardcase, Leather Carry Case

Offered here is a used Gemeinhardt flute with a silver body and a gold plated lip plate. It is a B-foot flute, with three holes. The flute comes in a hardcase and the set fits into a black leather carry case.

The flute is open-hole styled. Many professionals prefer open-holed flutes, believing that closed keys do not allow enough air control. There is a solid silver body. Is there a difference in the sound of a solid silver body, compared to a plated body and foot joint? Yes, the solid silver produces a warmer tone than the silver-plated flute.

The Gemeinhardt Solid Silver Flute may be yours for $350.00.

You may play it first if you prefer a local pickup; otherwise I will ship to anywhere in the U.S., and overseas using eBay Global Shipping.

History of the Gemeinhardt Flute

The Gemeinhardt Company was established in 1948, by Kurt Gemeinhardt, a 4th generation flute-maker from Germany. Initially crafting only very fine hand made flutes for professionals, the company expanded in 1952, moving to Elkhart Indiana to produce all levels of silver flutes. Beginner student flutes were developed at this time as well. It was these flutes that eventually became the bread and butter of the corporation as Gemeinhardt’s reputation for fine beginner flutes became a hallmark of the industry. Kurt’s father had studied under Emil Rittershausen, who had been trained by Theobald Boehm, and so the instruments they produce can trace their lineage back to the creator of the Boehm system.
The Gemeinhardt Company is very popular in the music field, although it hasn’t always followed the mainstream. In the mid 1970s Albert Cooper modified the placement of toneholes on the flute so that it would match the common tuning of A at 440 Hz. Before this many flutes were still designed with an older A435Hz tone hole placement (scale), despite being designed to play at A440Hz through the use of a shortened headjoint. Many flute companies recognized this change and therefore his scale and decided to make their flutes in the same way, but the Gemeinhardt Company was slow to modify their design. This in turn makes notes played in the higher register on an old Gemeinhardt flute sharp and the lower register flat. This can cause issues for beginner flutists if they are playing an old Gemeinhardt (pre-21st century), but with practice they can learn to play the flute so that the notes are correct. Otherwise, they may consider buying a newer Gemeinhardt flute.
The design of Gemeinhardt’s flutes have changed often since then and have been updated and redesigned accordingly. In June 2011 Gemeinhardt was acquired by Angel Industries Co. Ltd of Taiwan, a manufacturer of instruments and business partner of Gemeinhardt for several years. David Pirtle, president and CEO of Gemeinhardt, says that the acquisition by Angel Industries will allow Gemeinhardt more freedom to make decisions and run production in order to best serve the market. While many musical instrument brands are made overseas, the partnership between Gemeinhardt and Angel Industries is unique. Gemeinhardt manufactures the flute components (headjoint, body, footjoint, keys) in Elkhart, Indiana USA then sends them to Angel Industries to assemble them. They are then returned to Elkhart, Indiana for testing and adjusting in the Gemeinhardt workshop. David Pirtle, president and CEO of Gemeinhardt, asserts that this is because the parts can be made better in the Gemeinhardt workshop in America. This differs from most brands, which have their flute components manufactured overseas.

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