Besson 1000 Silver Trumpet

The Besson 1000 silver trumpet has three valves.  The valves have a great piston action. Valves are fast and smooth and, of course, all slides work perfectly.

The instrument is almost unused and that is how it looks.  I will throw in the case at no additional charge. Will ship to any city in the U.S.

The Besson 1000 Silver Trumpet can be yours for $300.00.

The Besson Company was formed in 1837 by Gustave Auguste Besson, who at the age of 18 produced a revolutionary design of cornet which surpassed all contemporary models. His products quickly gained a great reputation throughout Europe. In 1857, he moved to England where he built a large factory in London from which his instruments took a share of the English market and from where he exported to many countries including the United States.The modern company produces a range of cornets, tenor horns, euphoniums, tubas, French horns and baritone horns. In its history, Besson also produced a number of other brass instruments, including a huge ‘triple’ B♭ tuba.


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