A “Foxy” Gift for $2 Bill Collectors

The Delaware $2 bill features an amazing icon: a fox. The tiny gray fox sits next to the bust of Thomas Jefferson on the official Federal Note. Reason?  Delaware prides itself as a wildlife refuge and the gray fox, indigenous to the area, is said to have existed for up to 10 million years.

The fantastic fox is the only canine known to climb trees.  It can swim and can run up to 28 m.p.h.  No doubt these skills helped it to survive larger and fiercer predators who have since gone extinct.

The $2 Delaware bill is colorized and will make an exciting gift for any collector. It can be yours for $50. What’s more, we will add in another six bills of equal beauty. They display an array of America’s natural features in colorized currency.

The bills depict groves and glens, city skylines, and boats sailing down rivers. One example is the Grand Canyon Nation Park.  The hues of the canyon present subtle shades of red and brown, an image that is simply breathtaking. Next are bills featuring the States of Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with Yellow Stone Park rounding out the set.  Officially printed and uncirculated from the mint, the notes are “legal tender for all debts public and private.”

Seven $2 Federal Notes From the U.S. Statehood Bills Collection:
> State of Connecticut
> State of Delaware
> State of Georgia
> State of New Jersey
> State of Pennsylvania
> Grand Canyon National Park
> Yellowstone National Park

The photos do not do them justice. They are uncirculated in the original protective slab as they came from the coloring press in 2015. The set will make a memorable gift to a friend or loved one.

All seven slabbed bills can be yours for $50.00.

As an added convenience, you may wish to purchase an elegant wood box that can hold the collection, plus additional bills, for a package price of $200, including shipping.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co. – 7048 N. Clark St. – Chicago 60626 – (773) 942-6556




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