If you have any coins that you have collected or inherited, you can cash them in. Bring Your Gold Krugerrands, Pandas and Eagles to Us. We buy coins of every kind, especially gold and silver coins of U.S. mintage.

We buy old coins and coin collections, paying top dollar. Now is a great time to visit. Let’s meet and trade opinions on the value of your valuables. Our stock has dwindled and so, this weekend, we are having an acquisition special, waiting to pay cash on the spot for a wide range of items…
Gold Coins
Gold Chains
Gold Rings
Gold Ingots
and Solid Gold Watches.

Nor is selling your gold the only option. Do you need cash, but want to get your coins back? You can pawn them. It’s a collateral loan–get the money you need up front, then pay back the loan over time.

We will evaluate your Morgans, Peace, Ike’s and Eagles and tell you what they’re worth. Just bring them in – we are located in Chicago on Clark Street, near Touhy Avenue.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin
7048 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60626
Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. Read up on us. Then you’ll know who you can trust.

Gold buyers since 1918.


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