Own a Business? Get a Quick Loan at our Confidential Pawn Shop

Every business will run into occasional cash gaps.  Our pawnshop knows how tricky the financial seas can be, having been in business for a century. Quick and confidential, a collateral loan from a private lender is an expedient way to finance your business.

You may bring in gold, silver, diamonds or jewelry in exchange for a loan. No credit check – your credit worthiness is based solely on the value of the collateral. We take possession of the collateral, and when you repay the loan, it is returned to you.  Meanwhile, you can use the money any way you please–to satisfy a debt, grow your business or even for personal reasons.

Our customers use the funds not only to get out of debt, but to take advantage of new business opportunities. They can inject the cash into expanding market share, or to purchase in-demand supplies.  Or they may hire part-time help during a holiday rush.

Our word is our bond.  Your valuables will be kept in the security of a safe deposit vault. All transactions are held with the same confidentiality you would expect from a parish priest, and the ease of the operation will surprise you, for we know how to treat a customer right.

Find out more about us below:

Visit us – we are located in Rogers Park, at the Intersection of Greenleaf & Clark.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.
7048 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60626 – (773) 942-6556






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