Triple Axis Pro EMF Meter w/ Datalogger – 30 Hz to 2000 Hz – MG2000-TD

This is the Triple Axis Pro EMF Meter.  Detects magnetic fields of extremely low frequency, from 30 Hz to 2000 Hz.  The tester provides a quick, easy and reliable way to read electromagnetic field levels around home appliances, power lines and industrial devices.

The job doesn’t stop at detection.  With the Datalogger, you can record the levels found in order to assess radiation leakage in a given area. The device can log up to 9,999 data sets. These data can come from a variety of sources–
–  Electric transmission equipment
 – Power line.
 – Microwave oven. 
 – Air conditioner.
 – Refrigerator.
 – Computer monitor 
– Video/audio device.
 Whether you work or reside in an office or hospital, a university, military base or apartment complex, EMF radiation is everywhere. That is why the Triple Axis Pro EMF Meter uses three internal orthogonal sensors to test a wide range of ELF magnetic fields, independent of the measurement angle. Measurements can be made in Tesla (T), Gauss (G), milli-Gauss (mG), even micro-Tesla.
1T = 10,000 T
1G = 1,000 mG
Range: 30 Hz – 2000 Hz
Tested in the QC (Quality Control) lab of the manufacturer, the meter has passed all applicable tests.
It can be yours for $150.00

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