Antique Elgin Pocket Watch. WORKS. Has GF Case and 7 Jewels

This is an Open Face Pocket Watch from the Elgin Watch Company in Elgin, Illinois.  The watch works, ticking faithfully when you wind it. Looking great, the crown is crystal clear and the numbers brightly defined in black and red, despite the timepiece being a century old. It has a seven jeweled movement and a gold-filled case.

An interesting feature is that the minutes are marked off in 5’s with red digits (5, 10, 15, etc.). At the 6 O’clock position rests a dial the counts the seconds.  The watch measures 1 3/4″ from stem to bottom and 1 3/8″ wide.

The etched back has three small dents or marks, but is otherwise in good shape. The case has tiny scratches but nothing that stands out.  Should you wish to polish or replace it, the bezeled crystal snaps off like a lid. 

Made in 1910, it is a true antique watch. Only 1,000 pocket watches in this serial number range were made. It can be yours for $75. 


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