Five (5) Silver Cups with Spoons

There are five cups and two spoons in this matching set of vintage Russian or Kiddush cups.  Handsome engravings appear on the silver cups, possibly hand-crafted. Please see the photographs. 

Marks appear on the bottom of the cups.  On the larger one is “84” next to the figure of an angel.  The second in size says “Sterling” and the cup below that says “M.C. 84-Sterling .” The smallest has an angel like the first.  

The set has no monograms, only artistic flourishes such as flowers, a town, a place of worship and, of course, the Star of David. Total weight is 105.0 pennyweight (dwt) or 5.76 ounces. The largest cup is 3″ by 2 1/2″.  The spoons, also made of sterling, measure 2″ each in length.

The design shows wonderful workmanship. Antique cups of this design have two traditional purposes, either as cups for the  drinking of wine at the Sabbath, or Russian vodka cups.The cups may be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, and are often given as a present for the Bar Mitzvah for a boy or the Bat Mitzvah of a girl. All are flat-bottom cups with no stems.
I will ship them to anywhere in the world using eBay Global Shipping.  The set can be yours for $200.00.  To purchase using Paypal, click here.

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