MacBook Pro9,2 13″ i5 Processor @ 2.50 GHz

he MacBook Pro is in like-new condition, with an attractive red Incase Hardshell case. The Intel Core i5 processor runs at a crisp 2.50 GHz. There is a 256Kb L2 cache to help the memory keep up with the processor speed, and the RAM’s four gigabytes of memory cranks at 1600 Megahertz.

This MacBook comes with the original charger.  I don’t have the original box. It comes with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, including Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, PowerPoint and Word. (This edition includes support for Visual Basic for Applications which was left out of Office for Mac 2008.)
It is clean and in good shape. Like new. If you have any questions, ask away.
Will ship to anywhere in the U.S., and overseas using eBay Global Shipping.


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