Need cash? Try pawning! Get money Today.

If you need cash, you can pawn with the friendliest pawnbroker in Chicago. A family business since 1918, we devote large cash reserves to taking care of our customers. That is how we can price the items you bring us and regardless of the dollar value, loan cash on the spot.

We pay cash for gold or silver coins & jewelry, bars & ingots. Dig through your valuables. Pawn that old watch or chain you never wear anymore.

No loan is too big. You can take out multiple loans if you like. And at our store, you never have to wait for a check, you will receive COOL GREEN CA$H!
Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.
7048 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 942-6556
Want to know more? Google us! Find us on Yelp! See what our customers say–Gold Star opens the way to get cash today.
Find out more about us here.


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