Pawnshops can be Intimidating – I was Lucky to Find Gold Star Jewelry

Pawnshops can be intimidating, especially for a novice pawner (pawnee?) like myself. In an ocean of cluttered reviews and shops all over town, it can be difficult to find a reliable and honest establishment. That’s why I feel very lucky to have found Gold Star.

The main points of contact here are Bruce and Joyce. I’m pretty sure they are married. They couldn’t be nicer or more friendly. I also really got the sense that they had great knowledge of the supply and demand and they weren’t out to rip me off.

Now, I’m not in Chicago often. Just now and again for business or to visit some friends. But after my experience with Bruce and Joyce, I’m planning to hang onto to any items I want to pawn until my next trip to the windy city. I don’t think they make pawn shops like this in L.A.

GO HERE if you have anything to pawn. If you are one of those people who are weary about pawnshops or don’t know much about how they work, then don’t worry, this is the place to go. You”ll have ease-of-mind and your wallet will thank you. – Joseph S.


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