If you’re selling your coins, get the best price on the market.

As a pawnbroker dealing in coins for decades, we know the market and we can offer top dollar for your collection.  In business since 1918, we know how to treat a customer right.  We offer a friendly, well-lit environment, with no high-pressure salesmen on the prowl.

Check your old coin jars for hidden treasures. Maybe we will find them for you! Here are a few to hunt:

The 1970-S “Atheist” cent: the words “In God We Trust” marred by a glob of metal.

The 1970-S small-date Lincoln cent (the 1970-S small date is worth several times as much as the far more highly publicized 1960-P small date)

> The 1984 doubled-die Lincoln cent (the Mint produced a cent with obvious doubling on the obverse side).

Those are just pennies – there are DOZENS of rare coins out there.
And now, we are having a one-month open house in our coin division.  We will teach you about coin values, and give a fair price for your collections.  So if you don’t come see us, you will never know how much money you missed.

Read all about us on Yahoo, https://local.yahoo.com/info-49201908-gold-star-jewelry-coin-comp

We are located on the North Side.
7048 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60626
You can bring in your coins six days a week, at the intersection of Greenleaf and Clark near the Morse Red Line El Stop and Clark #22 Bus.

Or, visit us online at


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