J. Wiss & Sons 13″ Vintage Shears


This is your chance to buy a pair of vintage collectible J. Wiss & Sons finishing shears (scissors) from Newark, New Jersey.  Length: 13 inches. Weight: 2 lbs. or 32 ounces.

J. Wiss & Sons Company was founded in 1848 by Jacob Wiss, a thirty-one-year-old immigrant from Switzerland who was an experienced cutler and gunsmith. The company, headed by Wiss and his descendants in Newark, N.J., emphasized high quality in its products which became known world-wide and sold to the U.S. Government in the Civil War and the two World Wars. In 1914, Wiss acquired the manufacturing facilities of a competitor and became the largest producer of fine scissors and shears in the world. Following World War I, Wiss weathered a severe depression in scissors markets, partly caused by dumping of European products. Increased U.S. help remedied this situation. Newspapers carried advertisements for “Wiss Hedge Shears,” which could “make child’s play of hedge trimming.”


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