Play Guitar? Get a Tubes Amp Sound. This is All You Need.

Here is the ART Tube MP Studio Preamp. You can plug your guitar through this box to give a standard amp the sound of a nice big warmed up old school tubes amplifier. Getting the old tubes sound is essential for playing the blues and retro rock.

Condition: Good and solid but no power cord.
Whether you play live or in studio, the ART Tube MP Studio Preamp will enhance your sound with the following qualities:

> Bright lead guitar sound for rock ‘n’ roll

> Smooth blues chops

Crystal clear bass tones.

Price: $39.95 with postage.

If you want to pay directly using Paypal, go to the online checkout.

From the manufacturer:


Provides Superior Preamplification for: Microphones, Instruments and Line Level Sources

Analog VU Meter
OPL Output Protection Limiter
Hand-Selected 12AX7A Vacuum Tube
Variable Input and Output Gain Controls
Provides over 70 dB of Gain
+48 Phantom Power Switch
Phase Reversal Switch
XLR and 1/4″ Inputs and Outputs
Portable, All-Steel Construction
Excellent as Tube DI
Built-in Brickwall Limiting

Use with microphones, acoustic guitar pickups and piezos

The Tube MP was originally designed to provide smooth, warm character to microphones. But users have also found that the Tube MP works great on acoustic guitars and piezo pickups. You can run it into a console, amplifier, signal processor or recorder. The Tube MP can even work as a direct box!

Smooth tube sound quality plus over 70dB of gain

The Tube MP features a classic 12AX7 tube to deliver that warm, fat sound reminiscent of tube pres of the past. Plus, the Tube MP can give you plenty of output, with up to 70dB of gain. 48-volt phantom power is built in, and individual input and output gain controls allow you to dial in the perfect settings for your mic or pickup.

Outstanding signal quality and low noise

Using a transformerless design throughout, the Tube MP maintains exceptional signal integrity and extremely low noise. With XLR and 1/4″ inputs, a phase reverse switch, and a sturdy steel case, the Tube MP is a great choice for both studio and location work!

Will ship to anywhere in the U.S., or you can pick it up from me.

CHICAGO, IL. 60626
(773) 942-6556

Ask for Henry.


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