How Do Rich People Use Pawning?

According to the Business Insider, there is a thing called “asset lending,” which is like pawning on steroids. “The borrower applies to the lender for a loan based on the value of a given asset, and as collateral, hands over that asset to the lender for safe keeping.” The assets sometimes include Oscars, Olympic medals, and other gilded awards.

Average loan amount in this circle is $15,000, according to the Insider.

You don’t have to own a medal worth fifteen grand to get cash at Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.  We accept watches and coins, recent-model electronics, and collectible cash. We accept many forms of jewelry:

Diamonds: Loose or Mounted
Gemstones, Gold, Platinum Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Stainless Steel Jewelry
Types: Bracelets, Brooches and Pins, Earrings, Hair Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings, Wedding Rings, Watches or broken jewelry.

We are certainly happy to see a big ticket item in our store, and will lend money on an Oscar any day, but we tend to think of ourselves as the working man’s bank. So visit our clean, well-lighted store where confidentiality is key. We are located on the North Side.

Gold Star Jewelry Pawn Shop
7048 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 942-6556


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