Rosa Parks Collection on Auction

December’s the month when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL. Here is her commemorative collection.

This blog provided an advance profile of the item which is now on auction.

This is a framed commemorative collection honoring Rosa Parks. In 1955, a young African American woman who had boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, was asked to sit in the back. The woman was Rosa Parks, and she refused to move. Her act of protest helped to launch the Civil Rights Movement. The collection holds three items–a portrait, a brass coin, and an envelope all memorializing Ms. Parks. The portrait reproduces the work by Artis Lane, depicting young Rosa sitting at the front of her Montgomery bus. The artist’s signature is presented just as it appears on the original. The frame measures 30″ high by 25 1/2″ wide. The original painting hangs in the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery. The envelope was stamped on December 1, 2005, in Montgomery, Alabama, on the 50th Anniversary of Rosa Parks’ protest.

The collection is a Ltd. Edition of 2500, and this is Number 813 in the series.

How to cast your bid? Go to the Commemorative Auction here.





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