Reader responds to Rosa Parks Commemorative

I noticed your auction for the Rosa Parks commemorative. Got me thinking. 1955 was 3 years after I realized Grandma was a racist – tho I didn’t know the word for that at the time. That’s when I decided I would not/could not ever be that way. And now. Look at this world. My fellow Americans being proud to be bigots and eager to dismantle all that makes government useful to our citizens; eager to foul the clean air and fresh water that should our birthright, and an essential human right; clamoring to extinguish the torch that Lady Liberty raises so high; turning the dreams of the dreamers into nightmares; relentlessly plotting schemes to make the right to vote into a privilege to be enjoyed only by those who are already privileged; jubilant at their new-found power to strip healthcare opportunities from millions of us; righteously limiting a woman’s right to choice such that they would once again be forced to furtively choose a bloody coat hanger in a dingy room. Rosa Parks, an ordinary citizen who made an extraordinary mark on history. All of us should be so ready to stand up for justice and simple human decency. I’m glad I saw that auction item. We all need to remind ourselves of these things. Thanks!
Tom Clyne

And thank you for your thoughtful comments, Tom.

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