How to Sell, or Pawn, Your Diamond

I am looking to buy diamonds of 1 Carat or more.  Loose or mounted, any size or color. You can sell them or pawn them for quick, handy cash. I will estimate their street value, with no charge for the appraisal.

Knowing the value of a diamond requires checking several factors, referred to sometimes as the Four C’s of Diamond Testing:
> the diamond’s Cut
> the Color of the diamond
> the Clarity of the stone
> estimate the diamond’s Carat weight.

The overall character is further confirmed by prevailing trends in the diamond market which make some cuts more valuable than others.  It is a lot to consider, but rather easy for a jeweler who has been in the business many years.  At Gold Star Jewelry & Coin, our family has been buying and selling fine goods since 1918

Visit the store and we’ll talk in a safe, secure environment where confidentiality is the rule.  I am located on the North Side of Chicago.  Open six days a week.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.
7048 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 942-6556

Check us out on Yahoo, at


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