Obselete 1800’s Currency – Boone County Bank $2, Lebanon, IN – Unissued No Sig

This type of currency is rare, having been printed around 1860. The center vignette shows a man watering his white horse as his trusty dog stares down a rooster. A Native American princess is at the lower left. Well margined and bold.

The bill is uncirculated as it was never issued, but shows wear and tear with a nick in the bottom right corner (see photos).  The back is blank, a characteristic of many old bills. The United States had no central bank in this era, known as the “free banking era,” and paper money was issued by a variety of sources–private banks, manufacturers, even retail companies. The bills were backed by gold, silver, real estate, stocks, bonds, and a variety of other assets. You can no longer cash them in, but they are now worth often substantial sums as collectibles.

Yes, it is hard to believe but there was a time in the United States,1837 – 1863–known as the Free Banking Era or Wildcat Banking–when there was no central bank and currency was issued by a variety of private banks! On one hand, the free banking era helped to multiply the number of financial institutions in a young, strapping America, where businesses needed credit to expand. On the other hand, it allowed counterfeiters to print truckloads of currency and dump them on the market. One of the notorious wildcat banks was the Boone County Bank, of Lebanon, Indiana, the origin of the bill offered here. 

Own a unique piece of history.  The photos show the actual note you will get.  The cost is $80.00. If you wish to buy it with your Paypal account, click here: PayPal.Me/JuanAvelar/80


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