Line 6 – Spider IV Amplifier

The Spider IV amplifier from Line 6 delivers sonic power in a small package. The amp works, condition superb. And the Spider IV gives a myriad of effects to produce the sound you need to play clean rock, crunch, metal or “insane” (that’s actually one of the dial settings).  
Output: 15 Watts
Speaker Load: 4 Ohms
Amp  Models: 4
If you’re a new or older player, this tone modeling is a phenomenon you need to experience: you can sound like the guitar in your favorite songs.  Hone your tone as you model the guitar in songs ranging from Purple Haze to Anarchy in the U.K., and from Toxicity to Welcome to the Jungle.  The Spider IV sounds closer to the original songs and effects than its predecessor (Spider III), and the Line 6 website lists dozens of settings to dial up the desired sound.
The size is about 15″ x 15″ x 8″. It is Yours for $100.00.  The one you see is the exact model I will ship. Write or call for details.
Below I’ll give a sample list from the manufacturer of the songs/tones/sounds you can model with the Line  IV.
Line 6 Amplifier Song Settings:
American Idiot
Walk This Way
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
You Really Got Me
Seven Nation Army
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
I Wanna Be Sedated
Iron Man
Smoke on the Water
Rock the Casbah
Crazy Train
Boys Don’t Cry
Back in Black
Smells Like Teen Spirit
White Wedding
Freak on a Leash
Purple Haze
Welcome to the Jungle
Day Tripper
Anarchy in the U.K.
Come Out and Play
What’s My Age Again?
Head Like a Hole
Wait and Bleed
I’m Not OK
Say it Ain’t So
Pardon Me
Take it Away
Master of Puppets
Toxicity (Chop Suey)
Cowboys From Hell
Johnny B. Goode
Brown Sugar
Sunshine of Your Love
Welcome Home
Edge Crusher
Clean It Up
Rebel Yell
Cliffs of Dover
Blue Monday
New Sensation
Country Boy
Sweet Home Alabama
Satch Boogie
All The Small Things
Enter Sandman
Pull Me Under
Bring Me to Life
Drama Stabber
Black Dog
We Will Rise
Laid to Rest
My Curse
One Truth
Funk #49
Message in a Bottle
Voodoo Child
Beat It (Rhythm / Lead)
Are You Dead Yet
Beast and the Harlot
Inside The Fire (Rhythm / Lead)
Your Betrayal (Lead / Rhythm)
Into The Mirror
Raining Blood
Amber (Clean / Echo)
Seek & Destroy
Starship Trooper (Rhythm / Lead)
Use Somebody
Fade To Black (Clean / Lead / Rhythm)
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Suck My Kiss
Sweet Child O’ Mine (Intro & Rhythm / Lead)
Stairway To Heaven (Clean / Crunch)
You Give Love A Bad Name

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