How is a Pawnshop better than a Bank?

People often say to us, “I need money. Which is better for me, a bank or a pawnshop?” Depending on if you want a quick loan or a long-term process, the question has an easy answer.

At a pawnshop, you can get fast cash. You bring in the items you want to pawn, be it gold, jewelry, coins, etc., and the value of your valuables (a.k.a. collateral) sets the amount of the loan. It’s that simple.

Banks are different. They check credit. They allow one loan at a time. Banks won’t give small loans. And if you need a second loan while the first is still open, the bank says no.

At Gold Star Jewelry & Coin, we like to says “YES!” to fast cash loans.

But wait. Before bringing your valuables to a pawnbroker for a loan, you should check them out online. You can check us out, Gold Star Jewelry & Coin, at the following places…



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