Have old coins? Talk to the Coin Experts. We’re Buying!

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co has been buying and selling coins and currency for over 35 years. We specialize in buying rare coins and currency such as gold and silver coins, silver dollars, proof sets, complete collections, and estates, investment holdings, all collector coins as well as US currency from 1934 and earlier.

Q. What type of coins do you buy?
A. Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co purchases both US and foreign gold and silver coins, and currency such as:

All US Gold coins
Dollars: 1935 and earlier
Halves: 1970 and earlier
Quarters: 1964 and earlier
Dimes: 1964 and earlier
Nickels: 1938 and earlier also 1942- 1945
Pennies: 1958 and earlier
All US Mint issued proof and mint sets and singles from current year and earlier
US Gold and Silver American Eagle

Don’t take your prized coins to a wholesale dealer. We will give you a fair appraisal. Then we will offer to buy them for cash.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin
7048 N. Clark St. Chgo 60626


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