Kids Back in School? Need Extra Cash for Books & Supplies? Pawn Now!

You know what it costs to send the kids back to school–lots of Money.  Money for school supplies, new clothes and books & more.  Could you use a cash loan right now? If so, we can help.

We provide same-day cash on valuables of all kind:
> gold and silver and jewelry
> gold and silver coins
> gold bars and ingots.

And for back-to-school students, we will provide Kennedy Half Dollars!
EVERY CUSTOMER today who buys, sells or gets a pawn loan will receive three Kennedy Half Dollars, free. Offer expires August 7. Transaction must be $25 or more.

Visit us, we are located on CLark Street near Touhy Avenue.
7048 N. Clark St.
Chic ago, IL 60626.
(773) 942-6556.
For more info, see us on Yelp or Google!


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