Experienced Professionals

Bruce and Joyce Lowis are very warm and personable people. They were taught to always transact business ethically and with great respect for the customer. This philosophy has helped to make their businesses successful.

There is also great pride in having been the first pawnbroker business in Chicago to hire women as employees and managers, and today roughly half of their customers are women. Whether their staff members are male or female, they are required to be skilled professionals, to be ethical and honest, and to show great respect for the customer. Most have been educated at the Gemology Institute of America. It is also critical to the family that managers are able to accurately value the items customers bring in.

In 2008, the family opened their recent shop on Clark in Rogers Park. The shop operates as a secondhand retailer and true to his roots, offers its customers services with the same warmth, personal service and unbending ethics they were taught. Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Company functions as a full service jewelry store that buys and sells gold, silver, diamonds and coins, and appraises and repairs jewelry and watches. They offer instant CASH, not checks, for old gold jewelry and precious items.

Customers and bargain hunters can find excellent buys for in-store items ranging from 40% to 60% below retail. These items include electronics, cameras, watches, jewelry, and other collectables.

The Lowis family actively support the communities in which they do business and hiring their employees from the neighborhoods where the businesses are located. They also willingly and enthusiastically share their extensive business knowledge and experience by teaching those that want to learn.

Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Company is open Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. We’re located at 7048 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626; Phone: 773.942.6556.

Come in and see us . . . You’ll be glad you did!

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